Welcome to Yamanashi

Public Transportation

Read below for some basic tips on how to navigate Yamanashi while you're on JET!


The main train line in Yamanashi is the JR Chuo Line. It connects Yamanashi to Tokyo. Click the map below to see the other train lines and bus routes.


If you’re looking to travel long distances, you’ll want to hop on a bullet train (Shinkansen). However, there isn’t a bullet train station in Yamanashi. You’ll need to hop on a train that takes you to a station that a bullet train passes through.

From Fujiyoshida the closest bullet train station is "Mishima Station" in Shizuoka.

From Kofu the closest bullet train station is “Shin-Yokohama Station” in Yokohama.


You can access the prefecture’s bus schedule in English here.

If you choose to ride from Kofu Station, there’s a large electronic map outside the South Exit that lists the bus numbers, departure times, and destinations. Kofu Station is conveinant if you want to catch a bus to Yamanashi's main shopping spot called "Aeon Mall". There are even night buses available that can take you to Tokyo Disney or USJ! See the image below for an example.


Most people use their ‘maps’ app to get around, but there are a couple more convenient options that will help you get more accurate information. For trains, try the “Norikae Annai” (乗換案内) app. For buses, try the “バス NAVITIME” app.


Cars are most common when it comes to methods of transportation in Yamanashi. Click here to find out how you can get a Japanese Driver's License.