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Japanese Driver's License

Getting your driver’s license converted into a Japanese driver’s license is a fairly time-consuming process, so it’s best to take notes on the required procedures, and start gathering the necessary paperwork. On average, it takes about (2) months in total.

For a comprehensive guide on converting your license, please see YETI’s guide instead. Yamanashi Driving Guide 2019 (YETI)

Below, you will find a summary of the basic process.


Bring the necessary paperwork and apply for an official translated copy of your foreign driver’s license via the JAF office in Kofu. You can arrange to have it sent to your address when it's done.


Pay a small fee to practice driving on the course during the weekend (call in advance to be sure there aren’t any events that prevent people from practicing on it that day).


Call and schedule an interview appointment with the Hatta Driving Center located in Minami Alps.


After passing your interview, set up another appointment to take the writing test and the practical driving test (usually done on the same day).


If by some miracle you pass on your first try, then go downstairs and wait until your license has finished printing. You’ll be asked to take a new photo as well, so look nice!


Take notes on how to improve base on what the proctor says, then reschedule another practical driving test. Do your best and practice until the next test date comes!