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If you're experiencing some changes in your body after coming to Japan, rest assured that it's completely normal. You just moved to a new country that has an entirely new environment. It takes time for your body to adjust. We hope that this guide will help you navigate living a healthy lifestyle here in Yamanashi. However, please seek medical attention from a physician if your symptoms persist and/or worsen.

Click the image below to access Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.


Please click here for information about the Yamanashi COVID-19 hotline

Here is a link to Yamanashi's English guide to COVID-19 made by the CIR


Health in Japan Guide

For advice on buying medicines at Japanese drug stores, or communicating in Japanese at a clinics and hospitals, click here.


If you seek English support, contact the Yamanashi Consultation Center and they will put you in contact with an interpreter/translator. Some services are free, whereas others may involve fees.

Fuji Internal Medicine Clinic (in Kofu City)
Check ups in English for a wide range of medical concerns (pre-visit antigen test required)
Interpreter recommended for your first visit

Nakagomi Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Clinic (in Kofu City)
Check ups in English for a wide range of medical concerns (especially intestinal)
Interpreter recommended for your first visit

Ishibe Dental Clinic (in Kofu City)

Ask for Ishibe-sensei when making an appointment

Asakawa Ladies Clinic (in Kofu City)
Birth control and other contraception services available
Ask for Asakawa-sensei when making an appointment

Hosaka Ganka iin (in Chuo City)
Eye Clinic offering prescriptions for glasses and contacts, or any eye problems
English speakers available

Yamanashi Prefectural Central Hospital (in Kofu City)

Recommended for pregnancies: regular check-ups/ultrasounds

Kofu Kyoritsu Hospital (in Kofu City)

Recommended for childbirth delivery

Kusakabe Memorial Hospital (in Yamanashi City)

Psychiatry and many other services offered
Doctor’s Letter (Shoukaijo) NOT required
Ask for Hori-sensei when making an appointment (Saturdays only)

For more locations, click here.