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Yamanashi Prefecture has two Prefectural Advisors (PAs). One is exclusively for SHS ALTs, whereas the other is for ES/JHS as well as private high schools. In order to strengthen the employer-employee relationship and to facilitate further utilisation of JET participants, the main roles of a PA include the provision of information, organization of various seminars and orientations, and responding to inquiries regarding work as well as daily life. You can find their contact info below.


Will Rogers

alt-fzyk@pref.yamanashi.jp (Kencho PC)

rogers.will.yamanashiken@gmail.com (Telework PC)


Diego Ramos

gomesramos@pref.yamanashi.jp (Kencho PC)

diego.yamanashiken@gmail.com (Telework PC)

CIR and Webmaster

McK Komai



If it's not an issue that you wish to discuss with your PA...

AJET PSG is a non-judgmental listening service run by JETs, for JETs. Volunteers are trained to respond empathetically, listen actively, and provide resources to callers. JET Programme participants can contact between 8PM and 7AM every night on Skype at AJETPSG or by phone at 050-5534-5566. The service is confidential and anonymous. Click the bird below.

Yamanashi Consultation Center

Offers consultation services in 11 languages for a range of different issues you may be experiencing in Japan. Services are available in person or over the phone.


For a recent list of English-speaking counselling services offered in Japan, click here. This list includes: the Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL), Alcoholics Anonymous (Tokyo), Overeaters Anonymous (Tokyo), HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling Info, and more.